How He Began

Houston, Texas

With U.S. President George H.W. Bush during the charity event

Following the global success of Shin Koyamada's Hollywood blockbuster film "The Last Samurai," Koyamada embarked on philanthropic endeavors in 2004, starting locally in Los Angeles. His initial volunteer work involved empowering kids through martial arts in the After-School program at a local Boys & Girls Club.

After achieving a second global success with his Disney Channel Original Movie "Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior" in 2006, Koyamada expanded his philanthropic efforts to Texas and across the United States. Actively involved, he supported a nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth through Karate in middle schools across Houston. Simultaneously, Koyamada sustained his commitment to backing a diverse array of nonprofits nationwide, fostering Japan-United States friendships through engaging cross-cultural activities. Additionally, he remained dedicated to supporting martial arts-related organizations and events, amplifying his impact in both the local and international community.

In 2008, Koyamada, alongside his wife, established the Koyamada International Foundation (KIF) in Los Angeles. The foundation's inaugural activity involved providing beverages and clothing to homeless individuals in Downtown Los Angeles. This marked the beginning of KIF's impactful journey toward improving lives and fostering community well-being.

Koyamada International Foundation (KIF)

The Koyamada International Foundation (KIF) is a dynamic global NGO founded in 2008 by Shin Koyamada and Nia Lyte in Los Angeles. Our mission is to improve lives by empowering global youth and women to reach their full potential and providing humanitarian aid for global peace and sustainable development. With chapters in nine countries across Africa, South America, North America, and Asia, KIF oversees impactful programs, including the flagship "Guardian Girls." Together, we're committed to creating a brighter and more equitable future through collaboration and compassionate action. OFFICIAL SITE

Guardian Girls International (GGI)

Guardian Girls International (GGI), founded in 2019, empowers women and girls to combat Gender-Based Violence through sports and martial arts training. Our flagship Guardian Girls program operates globally, with impactful projects executed in collaboration with international sports federations, governments, NGOs, and United Nations agencies. GGI envisions a world where women and girls possess the self-agency to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. OFFICIAL SITE

Philanthropic Organizations

Country Organization Type Role Year
USA Koyamada International Foundation International NGO Board Chairman 2008
USA Guardian Girls International International NGO Board Chairman 2019
USA Anaheim University Private University Advisor, Akio Morita School of Business
Advisor, Akira Kurosawa School of Film
USA Sister City International of Southern California Nonprofit Board of Governors 2018
USA Japan-America Society of Southern California Nonprofit Special Ambassador 2010
USA San Jose-Okayama Sister City Association Nonprofit Honorary Advisor 2022
USA National Cherry Blossom Festival Nonprofit Honorary Marshal, Parade 2010, 2019
USA FBI Los Angeles Citizen Academy Alumni Association Nonprofit Member 2021
USA Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) Union Member 2002
USA Sister Cities International Nonprofit Executive Committee, Board of Directors 2017-2020
Japan U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON) Binational advisory panel Member, Subnational Diplomacy Working Group 2023
Japan City of Kyoto Local government Kyoto Tourism Ambassador 2011
Japan Japan-U.S. Sister City Association (JUSSCA) Nonprofit Founder & Chairman 2021
Japan Koyamada International Foundation Japan (KIF Japan) Nonprofit Board Chairman 2011
Japan All Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Nonprofit 2020 Tokyo Olympics Karate Ambassador 2016-2021
Mongolia Mongolia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Cultural Envoy 2022-2023
Spain World Karate Federation International Sports Federation Ambassador 2022