Kolala available on LINE

Genji Comics announces the release of it first digital sticker titled Kolala for a mobile chatting system on LINE, an instant messaging app with 217 millions the average number of users a month available in 40 languages.

Kolala was originally created by an artist Nia Lyte.

About Nia Lyte
Nia Lyte is a President & C.O.O. of Shinca Group in Los Angeles and C.O.O. of Shinca Japan in Tokyo. She is a co-founder & vice-chair of Koyamada International Foundation (KIF) in Japan and the United States. She is an author of nationally published book called “The Power of Your Inner Beauty”. She is an international speaker and a Hollywood producer of numerous American comic books and television shows. Nia is a Women in Cable Telecommunications Board of Directors, Japan America Society of Southern California Board of Governors and Sister Cities International Country Representative for Colombia & Special Representative for Women's Leadership.

For more information about Nia Lyte, please visit her official site at http://NiaLyte.com

About Kolala

KoLaLa is a peaceful and charming girl. She loves living like Koala, spending time at relaxing time and spacious places.

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