Raacoツールボックスコンパクト15、ブルー、136563 by Raaco B01L4Q6T9O

新作商品 Stencil Precise Press Screen PCB Manual Solder B01N29K7PK Precision High Machine Printing- 工具セット道具セット

This machine is mainly designed for requirements of single or dounlesided circuit board solder cream or red glue printing. The working platform is processed by cellular positioning hole with highquality aluminum and its pedestal is welded by thick steel plate with steadiness and durability.Its characteriastics are as follows:
Circuit board adopts positioning needle, fixed rod and fixed plate for positioning, which can ensure convenient positioning and accuracy of repeated operation.
Makeready mode is made through stencil's movement and combined with fine adjustment and correction of X, Y axis in printing platform, which is convenient and quick.
Stencil stent uses spiral bearing and height can be adjusted up and down, which is convenient to control PCB's thickness and volume or printing cream.
Printing plates are fixed by four rotary knobs whit platen and it is quick and strong.
育良精機 クロスロープ (クロスロ-プ 14X200) B01DLEZ6DC


EIKO(栄工舎) ソリッドミディアムリーマ CSRM 7.5 mm B06X3WN7C9 7.5mm